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What Will You Get From This Book?

There is a lot of information out on the internet, however it's scattered and difficult to find. Cryptocurrency has been something I've been involved in since 2010. Naturally following news and recent technology advances throughout the years. From the MT.GOX hack (-99%) to the big crash of 2017 (-84%), I sat shotgun for the ride. My experiences are reflected here in a guide to teach interested individuals about Binance blockchain investment basics and smart contracts.

Learn the BSC basics

We review the basics of what blockchain is, tokens vs. coins, why BSC vs. others, wallets, and much more!

DeFi and DApps

Sound familiar? We review what decentralized Apps and Decentralized Financing is and how it's applied in today's crypto landscape.

DD and what to look for in a token

Learn some tested techniques for performing due diligence against real tokens/projects. Learn how to identify rugpulls and front-runners.

How to buy/sell like a veteran

Learn the platforms and tools used by seasoned veterns in the crypto industry. I review the entire swapping process in-depth with screenshots.

Tracking and Protecting your assets

Learn about the different strategies to secure your digital assets. Understand what's best for you.

Long term investing

We review long term options. Go in-depth on staking, farming, pooling, and reflections.

What's Included

  • Fully digital eBook - FREE
  • Popular tools and trading resources
  • What are Altcoins and understanding Altcoins
  • Why choose BSC over ETH
  • Swapping and trading BNB/BSC
  • Taxes, burns, and gas fees
  • Tracking and protecting your digital assets
  • Long term holding, staking, pooling, and farming.

Who This Book Is For

I wrote this book as an intro into the complicated world of Binance Smart Contracts (BSC). We'll review the basics of crypto currency and go through the swapping of fiat to BSC, swapping further into altcoins, and how to find quality projects.
If you want to strengthen your knowledge of BSC and crypto, give this book a read.

Beginner Crypto Investors

New to crypto, looking to get started in investing?


Looking for some high-risk investment options that are outside of the box?

Crypto intermediate

Been investing for a few years, but never took the plunge into DeFi or DApps?

Eager to learn Binance Smart Chain

Hungry for knowledge? Can't get enough on crypto?

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About The Author

My nickname is Moo. I'm a technologist and have been deeply involved in technology since 2005. I participated in many of the testnet launches for BTC, ETH, ETH2, BTC lightning, BSC Testnet etc. Even developed my own BSC tokens on the testnet.

I've had my fair share of highs and lows in crypto. However, I do believe that blockchain and digital assets are going to be our future and should be embraced. My hope is that this document can serve as educational resources to curious minds.